Xe cẩu bánh lốp XCMG QUY 100K trọng tải 100 tấn

Thông số kỹ thuật xe cẩu bánh lốp XCMG QUY100K

Model QUY100K
Hãng sản xuất XCMG
Xuất xứ Trung Quốc
Sức nâng lớn nhất 100 tấn

Thông số tiếng Anh.

QY100K Main Technical Data in Travel State

Overall (LXWXH) 15230 x 3000 x 3860mm
Wheel space 1420+2420+1700+1420+1505mm
Dead weight in travel state 54800kg 58000kg
Axle load
1st axle 7000kg 7500kg
2nd axle 7000kg 7500kg
3rd axle 9000kg 10000kg
4th axle 12000kg 12500kg
5th axle 12000kg 12500kg
6th axle 7800kg 8000kg
Engine rated output 324/1800 (306/1900)kW/(r/min)
Engine rated torque 2100/1200 (2010/1200)N.ml(r/min)
Engine rated speed 1800 (1900)r/min
Min.ground clearance 310mm
Approach angle 23*
Departure angle 15°
Braking distance(at 30km/h) <10m
Max.grade ability 40%
Min.tuming diameter 24m
Fuel consumption of 100km 70L

QY100K Main Technical Data For Lifting Operation

Lifting performance
Max.total rated lifting capacity 100t
Min.rated working radius 3m
Turning radius at swing table tail
At counterweight 4200mm
At auxilary winch 4590mm
Base boom 3450(4m X 88t)kN.m
Full-extend boom 1670(24m x 7.1 t)kN. m
Full-extend boom+Jib 1127(19.2m x 6t)kN.m
Outrigger span
Longitudinal distance 7.56m
Lateral distance 7.6m
Lifting height
Base boom 12.8m
Full-extend boom 48.8m
Full-extend boom+Jib 66.8m
Boom length
Base boom 12.8m
Full-extend boom 49m
Full-extend boom+Jib 49+18.1m
Working speed
Jib offset 0′ x 15′ x 30′
Boom elevating time
Boom raising 75s
Boom telescoping time
Full-extending 160s
Max.swing speed 2r/min
Outrigger extending and retracting time
Outrigger beam extending/Retracting 25/15s
Outrigger jack extending/Retracting 45/25S
Hoist speed(singte line at 4tti layer)
Main winch 105m/min
Aux.winch 104m/min

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